Webinar series: building your career in general practice

Four free on-demand sessions with nationally renowned speakers for newly qualified and First 5 GPs. 

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to develop a thriving, enjoyable and sustainable career in general practice, and understand the impact and consequences to your working life since COVID-19.

1. Money Matters

In partnership with MedicsMoney and MedicAccountant.

The top ten things you need to know about finances, including mortgages, the NHS pension, tax returns, limited company vs sole trader status and how to get the right independent financial advice.

Guest speakers: Dr. Tommy Perkins and Dr. Ed Cantelo

2. How to Build a Portfolio Career

How to find your purpose in general practice - including how to develop, apply and build your diverse skill-set. Explore opportunities in and beyond general practice, PCNs and integrated care systems, so you can build a sustainable career, where you wrap work around your life, not life around your work.  #worktoliveandlivetowork

Guest speakers: Dr. Farzana Hussain and Dr. Neil Modha

3. Lifestyle Medicine and Population Health

Why population health matters and the social determinants of health. Also included: how general practice is moving away from the medical model and evolving to include lifestyle medicine to better tackle and prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease, as well as COVID-19 risk reduction. 

Guest speaker: Dr. Zoe Williams and Dr. Shashi Khandavalli

4. Digital General Practice

The future of general practice is increasingly digital. This session will cover online consultations, apps, wearables, remote long-term condition management and what this means for you and the wider general practice ecosystem.

Guest speaker: Dr. Hussain Gandhi