Refer a GP to Lantum and you both get £50 when they are approved by our clinical governance team!

It's that simple.

Step 1: Refer a GP friend using this form

Step 2: We'll send them an email to sign up and get approved on Lantum

Step 3: Once approved, we transfer both of you *£50!

No limit on how many GPs you can introduce us to - that's £50 every time someone new joins.

Currently this only available for GP to GP referral, if you wish to refer any other types of staff, please speak with your Practice**, as they will need a special link to sign up to Lantum to have all the correct relationships

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* Please note, this offer is applicable for GPs who are already signed up and approved on Lantum. The referred GP cannot already be signed up to Lantum. To receive your reward, your bank details must be up-to-date on your profile - you can do this here. Approvals must be completed within 12 months of referral date. 

** Practice could be Organisation or Healthcare Provider if more suitable.